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What is Wireless
Charging 2.0?

Wireless charging revolutionized the market years ago. With Wireless Charging 2.0, it is now even easier, more convenient and safer, because not only charging cables, but also classic charging stations are now a thing of the past. Thanks to WattUp® - an award-winning, RF-based, scalable technology - even several devices can be charged simultaneously over-the-air and from greater distances, regardless of the environment.


The possible uses and locations are versatile: whether in the office, on the road in a car or in large warehouses - the receiving device is always reliably supplied with power, even while it is in use or moving freely around the room (together with its user).

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The advantages of Wireless Charging 2.0

Contactless & safe

The charging station is more space-saving, handling is simpler and,

by omitting the cables, it is also

safer due to the lack of contact

with exposed conductors.

Space- & cost-saving

The scalable technology can be integrated into a wide range of devices, even the smallest hearing aids,

which means easier manufacturing

and lower BOM costs.

Revolutionary & unique

The breakthrough charging technology has won multiple awards,

is 200 times patented and has

the first FCC Part 18 Certification

for power-at-a-distance.

Building blocks for wireless energy transmission



In a fast-paced industrial workplace, cumbersome cables, wires and constantly draining batteries can slow productivity or even bring the entire production process to a halt. Waterproof industrial sensors, inventory scanners, security cameras and other small electronic devices that are heavily used in industrial environments make the workday easier and save time when they are wirelessly charged remotely. Pallet tracking becomes a breeze when all sensors and RFID chips are operating at full capacity. Other devices such as walkie-talkies and tablets will also be ready to go at a moment's notice for your fast-paced business.


Energous' wireless power technology skillfully masters all new industrial requirements by removing plugs and cables and making sensors, electronic locks, asset trackers and a variety of small battery-powered devices waterproof, rugged and maintenance-free, easily implementing them into operations with new design flexibility.



Wireless power transmitters key to office productivity and success, the WattUp ecosystem gamely complements diverse areas of the office - from employee desks to conference rooms to the break room.


When common desktop devices are WattUp-enabled, it can provide both near- and mid-field charging options to keep computer mice, keyboards, smartphones, fitness trackers, remotes, webcams and other devices charged throughout the busy workday. Even other devices in break rooms, conference rooms and down to the lobby can be charged via contact or airflow transfer, depending on the situation.

Modern Office


WattUp wireless power transmitters for an enhanced driving experience: WattUp charging technology can be easily installed in the vehicle or retrofitted to an existing vehicle. Either way, Energous offers wireless fast charging stations for smartphones, tablets and more in the dashboard, center console or other areas of the vehicle to keep your devices ready to go on the way to work or that long business trip.

Gone are the days of being distracted and unsure of how to fiddle with cables while driving - because with a WattUp-enabled vehicle, you can charge all the different small electronic devices you carry on the road without worrying about specific orientation.



Award-winning over-the-air and at-contact charging technology for medical devices: Bacteria pose an infection threat in examination and operating rooms. Not only do cables on tools that are difficult to disinfect harbor germs, they can also become tangled during use. Cordless tools that are completely sealed free medical and nursing staff from "cord management" and also allow for easy sterilization.


WattUp charging technology is flexible enough to fit both large and small devices and support low or high power needs. Patient monitors, medical sensors, hearables, asset tracking, medical carts and communication systems are just a few of the many medical applications for WattUp Wireless Charging.

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Wireless Charging 2.0 changes the way you manage your battery-powered and plug-in-to-charge devices. Because WattUp offers a wide range of home power options and keeps your smart home running smoothly: 


  • Near-field systems to quickly charge smartphones, tablets, smart rings, watches and other wearables.

  • Mid-field systems to charge remotely, either stationary (smart doorbells, lights, security cameras) or mobile (earbuds, headphones, key fobs)

  • Far-field systems to keep sensors for fire and CO2 alarms, temperature monitoring or other security sensors fully functional


Security & Safety

Defense and homeland and public safety professionals are using unprecedented levels of electronic technology to perform their missions with greater precision than ever before. From command and control systems at the headquarters and command post level to wearable devices at the team and individual level, electronics are now a fundamental element of operations.


However, these devices also require constant power. WattUp® is ideally suited to provide smart and easy-to-use wireless charging and power management. They also don't require connectors or covers that can be easily damaged, so hardware can be made slimmer and more robust, and internal components are also better protected from dust, dirt and liquid ingress.

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