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This energy harvesting kit developer combines Energous’ radio frequency (RF) solution with e-peas’ power management IC technology to support at-a-distance wireless charging applications for smart buildings, industrial IoT sensors, retail electronic displays and more.


The WattUp® Active Energy Harvesting transmitter incorporates the DA14682, DA4100, EN3921 and EN3913M devices. The DA4100 is a highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) transmitter IC, the EN3913M is a highly efficient GaN power amplifier (PA) controlled by the EN3921, while the DA14682 is a Bluetooth low energy 5.0 SoC with enhanced security and integrated FLASH memory. A lower power option is available with the DA3210 CMOS power amplifier.


On the receiver side, there are 3 input paths available to choose from based on use case, including discrete diode and DA2210 RF-to-DC implementations, which connect to the AEM30940 ambient energy manager chip and the DA14531, a size-optimized, ultra-low power Bluetooth low energy system-on-chip ideal for IoT devices.

WattUp® 5.5W Active Energy Harvesting Developer Kit

SKU: 02809
    • E-Peas AEM30940 Harvesting PMIC with Supercap or rechargeable Lithium battery support
    • Low Voltage Operation from 50mV to 5V
    • Cold Start from 380mV input voltage
    • DA14531-based BLE sensor hub with example sensors (Ambient light and Temperature/humidity)
    • Optional E-ink ultra-low-power Display
    • On-board or external BLE antenna
    • External Harvesting antenna
    • USB micro and JTAG Debug ports
    • Reference Design Transmitter Hardware (1)
    • Reference Design Receiver Hardware (1)
    • Mobile App to monitor and control TX/RX
    • TX/RX Schematics and Layout files
    • TX/RX Antenna Design files
    • TX/RX Mechanical files